Are Your Clients Covered for Active Shooter Incidents?

This blog was originally published on October 11, 2016. It was updated and re-published on June 4, 2018.

Recent tragedies involving active shooters have resulted in the loss of hundreds of lives. Active shooters can strike anywhere at any time, and the horrific scenes are devastating. Such incidents have occurred at a staggering pace between 2000 and 2017; according to statistics compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), 250 active shooter incidents occurred in the United States in this time period. In this period, nearly 800 people were killed and thousands more wounded.

Active shooter incidents have taken place in schools, places of worship, offices, concert venues, and shopping malls. The year 2017 was especially devastating, with 30 incidents alone resulting in the deaths of 138 people. 2018 has gotten off to a terrible start with the deaths of 17 students and teachers at a Florida high school. Experts believe that active shooter events and gun violence in general may have become a social norm and are bracing for continued loss of life for years to come.

The Financial Toll of Active Shooter Incidents

Active shooter incidents cost more than the lives of innocent people. Financial analysts have conservatively estimated that gun violence in the United States, including active shooter incidents, cost as much as $229 billion each year in the United States. This staggering figure includes nearly $9 billion in direct expenses such as emergency response and medical care and $221 billion in indirect costs. It is clear that active shooter incidents place a hefty financial burden on businesses, property owners, insurers, and many others.

To protect from the financial losses associated with active shooters, specialized Active Shooter Protection insurance provides a comprehensive solution. With these incidents on the rise and little hope in sight, active shooter insurance can help protect business clients from loss and provide greater peace of mind.

Active Shooter Coverage

Professional Governmental Underwriters, Inc. (PGU) provides the leading active shooter insurance solution to insurance companies in the United States. PGU’s active shooter product is designed to provide custom-tailored insurance for businesses and organizations, including:

  • Healthcare institutions
  • Education institutions (schools, colleges, and universities)
  • Retail establishments
  • Entertainment venues and special events
  • Industrial and commercial interests
  • Government and municipal buildings
  • Religious institutions, including houses of worship

Coverage under the PGU active shooter product provides risk management, first-party business interruption, sub limit extensions (including restoration costs associated with active shooting incidents), and third-party liability, including built-in crisis management services. It is a comprehensive, proactive package that protects the financial interests of clients against loss. It offers significant advantages over a typical business general liability insurance policy, particularly in its elimination of exclusions for terrorism incidents and named insurers. Its risk management service provisions lead the industry with vulnerability assessments designed to minimize exposure of financial risks.

Contact PGU today to learn more about how our active shooter liability insurance can help businesses.

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