Workplace Helpline Adds Value

This combination of solicited and unsolicited testimonials was collected during the Relationship Management process, through our marketing website and from general feedback.

“I will be on this site all of the time! How did you find me? Because you may just be my new best friend! I am so glad that you did because I could literally become a superstar at my job with this resource! I was just putting together a benefits checklist and I cannot believe this is one of the forms you have in your database – I am literally excited just to hit the ‘open’ button. I am extremely interested in using these forms and posters. This is such a beneficial resource to a company like ours because we have really been in need of updating our forms and now they are just a button click away! I can barely control myself – just thank you so much for tracking me down!”

– VT, 130 employees, Colleges, Universities and Professional Schools

“Quite honestly, at first I was thinking who is ‘Allied World-PGU’? I don’t have time for this! But I realized this was a legit service and I went online to watch the promotional video – it was fantastic!! Then next thing I knew I was thinking to myself, ‘I want this service!’ This is going to save me so much research time looking for forms, posters, etc online! This database of job descriptions is going to come in quite handy as well. My first thought was that this service is absolutely fabulous and it has everything I need in one source!”
-Linda Ouellette, HR Manager, Housing Authority, ME, 21 Employees, Executive, Legislative and General Government

“The service looks easy to use and helpful. I appreciate that you called because otherwise I would not have known what I had access to and not gone on the site. Now that you called and walked me through I know what’s here and I’m more likely to use it.”

-Alexandra Endress, Co-Director, Arts and Community Foundation, CA, 3 employees, Education, Religious, and Charitable Trusts

“I use the HELPLINE to keep up on the ever changing scenery of personnel management and liabilities. I enjoy the easy access and comprehensive information received. It is available at any time when I am near a computer. I appreciate this service and would recommend it to anyone thinking about looking for this type of program.”
-Jim Reinbold, Airport Manager and City Administrator, WA, 1 employee, Airports, Flying Fields, and Airport Terminal Services

“I think the site is fantastic and easy to use! I love the “ask questions” feature and how prompt the responses are. I would definitely recommend this service to others and I’m so glad you called!”
-Justina Hensley, Town Clerk, LA, 9 employees, Executive, Legislative and General Government.