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At Professional Governmental Underwriters, Inc., we know that all public entities are not created equal.
Different needs and circumstances require different answers. Therefore, when we provide you with a coverage
strategy, it is for your specific situation.

PGU is a full-service risk management company dedicated to assisting local governments with their professional
liability exposures. Our clients include cities, towns, public and private schools and colleges/universities as well as special service districts, including ports, airports, transit authorities, housing authorities and utility districts. We understand liability insurance and the unique needs of governmental entities and their administrators.

Over two decades of experience providing governmental and educational liability coverage makes us The Authority.

We know how important it is to seek the advice of an expert. The results mean more control and less claims
administration along with the security of superior coverage. Our carriers are rated “Excellent” by A.M. Best. We will work with your representative to tailor an insurance program that best suits your particular situation.