Active Shooter / Deadly Weapon Protection Liability

The intention of an active shooter insurance policy is to provide your clients with a product that provides unique/bespoke, primary coverage for an active shooter event and a pro-active product that provides leading risk management services and a partner to help an education provider through such a terrible event. Please note that the intention of the risk management provision is to provide a complementary review of how the respective education provider is currently handling this exposure, it is neither a critique nor a criticism but simply a separate independent review in order to provide some suggestions and betterment of their current protocols. Minimizing the exposure is what our event responder team‘s objective is.

Calendar Year # of School Shootings Deaths Injuries Total Deaths & Injuries
2000 4 19 2 21
2001 4 3 19 22
2002 3 4 3 7
2003 3 5 2 7
2004 4 1 6 7
2005 3 11 10 21
2006 7 10 8 18
2007 4 36 29 65
2008 9 15 27 42
2009 7 2 13 15
2010 8 7 8 15
2011 10 7 13 20
2012 14 43 18 61
2013 32 26 35 61
2014 41 28 50 78
2015 23 19 41 60


  • Active Shooter Protection for U.S. Education Providers coverage provides 3rd Party Liability Insurance with built in Crisis Management Services (as standard – no additional cost).
  • Policy is primary coverage for both indemnity and expense – coverage is clearly stated & clarified within the ‘Other Insurance’ condition

Other insurance clause:

This active shooter insurance policy will act as primary insurance to any other insurance carried by or available to the Named Insured. This policy will respond in the event the Named Insured is otherwise insured incidentally for any Damages and Claims Expenses which are indemnifiable under this policy (namely under a more general or combined insurance providing coverage, in addition, for other risks not indemnified under this policy).

  • Maximum Limits Of Liability/Sums Insured: Up to USD 20,000,000 each and every Active Shooter Event and USD 50,000,000 in the policy aggregate.
  • Costs and Claims Expenses are inclusive for each insurance bound.
  • Policy has built in event responder provision to provide risk management services – post binding coverage members of the event responder team will visit the insured’s campus and undertake a physical Active Shooter and Security Vulnerability Assessment which will provide both qualitative and quantitative information.
  • Whilst on campus the risk management team will undertake an Active Shooter Safety Action Plan Seminar.
  • Crisis Management Response Team – 24/7/365 telephone line.
  • Easy / minimal application form (copy attached).
  • Covers individual and / or groups of individuals.
  • Clear definition iro Firearm – Firearm means a portable, barrelled weapon of any description from which any shot, bullet or other projectile can be discharged.
  • Policy provides cover if terrorist shooting (therefore no terrorism exclusion) and if teacher / named insured undertook the shooting (no named insured exclusion as per most GL policies).
  • The policy gives dedicated risk management via bespoke sub-limit endts: (i) Crisis Management Services Endorsement, (ii) Active Shooter and Site Security Risk Assessment Endorsement, (iii) Active Shooter Safety Action Plan Seminar Endorsement, (iv) Counselling Services Sub-Limit Endorsement & (v) Funeral Expenses Sub-Limit Endorsement.