4 Reasons Why Teachers Should Have Their Own Professional Liability Insurance

Today’s school teachers face a wide array of risks compared to teachers of the past. While guns and violence have always been around, shootings on school campuses have been accelerating in recent years beyond anything we’ve seen before.

This risk and others that put teachers in harm’s way can be protected against by taking a number of measures, including investing in professional liability insurance specifically made for educators. This comprehensive piece of protection can go beyond what a district can provide to teachers and provide the right level of coverage.

Here are some reasons why educators should consider looking into their own professional liability insurance.

1. Technology Issues are Rampant

Cell phones and social media have changed the way the world as a whole communicates. From doing business to learning and connecting with others, the technological advances we’ve seen as a society in the last decade alone have completely reshaped the world.

But with technology comes the risk of a teacher being put right in the middle of a scandal, whether they’re guilty or not, and whether it’s even real or not. With editing technology alone, anyone can be edited into images and videos that are illegal and harmful.

2. Mistakes Will Always Happen

Whether it’s a simple classroom mishap or something that causes an injury of a student on the playground, if a teacher is involved as the culprit of the mistake, they could be held liable. Even though this may have nothing to do with the educator as a teacher, if they’ve caused physical harm even accidentally, they would need insurance coverage to pay for court fees (if applicable) and medical bills.

3. False Allegations Can Occur

From creating a lie about something a teacher said to a student or did behind closed doors, teachers are being put in the crosshairs of false claims that can hurt their career and reputation. Teachers should protect against these issues by investing in professional liability insurance to help clear their names. Having to go through litigation and providing evidence of no wrongdoing will take time and resources.

4. Lawsuits Are More Common

Much like the overall safety of students and teachers on campus in today’s schools, lawsuits are becoming more and more common. Risks for teachers being targeted by civil lawsuits are increasing in the past few years and school districts are spending more and more on litigation costs.

Even if claims are debunked and teachers are cleared, the damage from being named in a claim and lawsuit can be harmful enough to end their career in their district at least. Having professional liability insurance is a helpful line of defense against these risks and more in today’s evolving school systems.

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