Beazley Deadly Weapons Protection: Common Misconceptions

Deadly weapons attacks – the value of being prepared
September 13, 2019
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September 16, 2019
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Beazley Deadly Weapons Protection: Common Misconceptions

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Misconception 1: I have coverage elsewhere under commercial general liability (CGL) policies

Coverage for a deadly weapon attack is a grey area with many CGL policies remaining silent on coverage or excluding it outright. Unlike Beazley Deadly Weapons Protection, CGL policies
were not typically designed to cover these type of events and carriers may be reluctant to affirm coverage.

Moreover some CGL carriers may deny coverage on the basis that the event was an act of terrorism or rely on other policy exclusions to deny or limit coverage.

Our Deadly Weapons Protection policy offers affirmative, primary liability coverage, regardless of the attacker’s motive, alongside prevention and crisis management services. If a client is confident of the coverage under their CGL, they may still purchase cover – and secure access to our risk management and crisis response services – as a deductible buy back.

Misconception 2: It only provides liability coverage

What makes our Deadly Weapons Protection product effective is the breadth of cover offered. While Beazley is an expert in liability insurance the product offers a range of carefully
designed services and first party coverages in addition to liability.

All insureds receive a telephone consultation from our service provider, CrisisRisk to analyse the security and risk management precautions currently in place. Every insured receives a
full written report and follow up call to help discuss the findings and recommendations.

Should the insured fall victim to an attack, qualified professionals will be rapidly on hand to help the insured investigate and provide guidance to them in the heat of the crisis.

We will assist the insured in reaching out to the local community and provide counselling services to those affected by the event.

We will also be on hand to assist the insured with media management, crisis counselling, public relations and brand rehabilitation. Other services available include emergency travel and accommodation as well as child care for employees of the insured and immediate family members. Site security, remediation and recovery, and restoration services are also available where required.

First party coverage includes a physical damage sublimit alongside funeral costs, memorialisation and an optional business interruption extension.

Misconception 3: Our policy only covers events involving firearms

Many devices can be weaponized for use in deadly weapon attacks, including vehicles. Recognising the broad threat our policy provides cover for incidents involving a variety of deadly weapons including:

  • Portable firearm (loaded and unloaded)
  • Knife
  • Explosive device
  • Road vehicle which is used by an assailant to deliberately cause death or bodily injury
  • Syringe
  • Corrosive substance
  • Medical instrument
  • Any other handheld device or instrument which is used to deliberately cause death
    or bodily injury

Misconception 4: The cover is only triggered when someone is harmed

We often associate deadly weapon scenarios with fatalities. However the brandishing of a weapon or a threat to do so, even where no one is harmed, can have a serious impact on the insured.

With this in mind our crisis management services are available the moment a weapon is brandished, regardless of whether it is used or whether anyone is harmed as a result.

We have also enhanced coverage with an option to include access to risk services where there is a verifiable threat made. Our service provider can assist the insured in investigating the threat and advising on next steps.

Misconception 5: The policy excludes coverage for mental anguish

The impact of a deadly weapon event on the insured organisation and the local community can be profound. The policy offers counselling services to all those affected by the event, including employees of the insured and third parties.

On contacting our service provider we will immediately start to help the insured reach out to the community and those affected. We will arrange face to face or telephone counselling for those who have been impacted to help them through the immediate aftermath of the event.

Misconception 6: The product was designed solely for K-12 schools and higher education

Anywhere that is potentially hard to secure with a high volume of people coming and going could be a target for an armed individual. While 23% of our book is in the education sector, we provide coverage to a broad range of sectors.

We have seen significant interest from organisations who own or manage portfolios of commercial property including multi occupancy office blocks and industrial sites. These organisations are often responsible for coordinating security for multiple occupants with significant numbers of people entering and leaving the site at all times during the day.

We have also provided cover to hotel chains, casinos, cinemas, theme parks, nightclubs, restaurants, retail, offices, sporting events, conferences, festivals and government buildings and entities, as well as healthcare providers and religious institutions.