Educators Liability: The Facts of College Data

Educators Liability: The Facts of College Data

Although applications are accepted year round, beginning in September, thousands of college students begin anxiously choosing the schools to apply to. Each year the debate rages. What is the best school? Is a private or public institution better? What is the graduation rate? What is the average GPA? What is the average salary after graduating?

It is a fierce debate that rages constantly. Students try to choose the best school for them, with parents anxiously hovering in the background. On the flip side, colleges want to put their best foot forward.

The competition is fierce. Colleges want to attract top talent to boost their own prestige. And the payoff in the college rankings list can be huge. Rising by one spot in U.S. News & World Report rankings, one of the top rankings, led to a nearly 1 percent increase in applications.

However, the intensified ranking completion has led some universities to cut corners. According to the Hechinger Report, six top colleges and universities have admitted falsifying information sent to the U.S. Department of Education, their own accrediting agencies, and U.S. News, who has the most prominent college rankings. School officials gave much higher SAT averages of students who applied, rather than enrolled, inflated students’ entering class ranks, and their SAT scores.

Some schools have been hit with fines or “de-ranked.” Several universities have been hit with lawsuits for fraud, unfair competition, and unfair advertising. Several administrators have lost their positions as a result.

Today’s schools are faced with an increasing number of lawsuits based on issues such as dress codes, special education, sexual discrimination or failure to educate. A broad spectrum of insurance coverage is essential to defend the educational entity, its employees and even its volunteers. Employment practices claims are the most frequent type of lawsuit brought against school board officials today. Terminations, hiring and promotions comprise almost half of the claims made. Student suspension/expulsion, discrimination and integration cases are brought against school officials at an alarming rate.

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