Educators Management Liability: The Evolution of Classroom Technology

Educators Management Liability The Evolution of Classroom TechnologyEducators Management Liability: The Evolution of Classroom Technology

Technology in the classroom is not a new concept. However, it’s only been in recent years that we’ve really begun to see a surge in computers and mobile devices being used as educational tools not only in higher education institutes, but also as young as 1st grade.

As one educator, Jennifer Wagner, described to sources from, teachers’ use of technology has changed quite a bit in the past few years at her facility. She states that though several teachers are still reluctant to use technology, those who have gotten on the bandwagon are much more demanding about what they want when it comes to software and computer use. She added, “Teachers are beginning to see that the computer is not a toy- but a tool. One first grade teacher faithfully uses computers in her classroom every day.”

So what are some examples of how technology is being implemented in the classroom? In one Mississippi elementary school, students are starting to take computerized tests for writing and math. These tests are intended to demand more of students than previous exams. For example, instead of filling in the bubbles on answer sheets, students will perform a variety of tasks like dragging and dropping fractions on a number line, and filling in graphs. They will need to write out their reasons for coming up with answers and will be graded on showing their work.

Other schools are embracing a tool called EduCreations. This works with the iPad, letting teachers and students create videos that provide instruction on a given topic. How does this work? A recordable interactive whiteboard captures your voice and handwriting to produce video lessons for sharing online. Students can replay your lessons in any Web browser, or from within the free companion apps on their iPads.

What is your educational facility doing to embrace this evolution of classroom technology? What innovations do you expect to see take place in the next five years?

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