Educators Management Liability

The market for Educators Management Liability is changing because schools are changing the way they deliver their product and services. In the past, we could split schools into groupings of public or private, pre-K-12 or college and add in the adult vo-tech. Now we see the options being offered expanding to include charter schools, on-line schools and for-profit schools, all of which contribute to providing students and parents more flexibility but also a few more potential land mines.
Read up on the differences. For-profit schools are getting alot of press but heavy-handed sales tactics are giving the industry a black eye since students end up with large student loan debts and sometimes no jobs, despite some guarantees. On-line schools are far more accepted than ten years ago and company HR staff find many qualified applicants graduating from the on-line schools. Accreditation is the key. Do your homework and make sure your school has a good reputation with current and former students and corporate HR people alike!