Educators Insurance: Schools Harness Wind for Energy Education

Educators Insurance: Schools Harness Wind for Energy Education Educators Insurance Schools Harness Wind for Energy Education

A new wind turbine is set to rise by the end of July in the Grassfields High School athletic complex in Chesapeake Virginia as part of an ongoing effort to incorporate sustainable energy practices into Virginia schools and communities. The seventy foot tall turbine will help reduce the school’s energy bills and consumption by powering the football stadium and concession area of the complex. The twenty-thousand dollar project was funded entirely through donations acquired with the help of the U.S Energy Department’s Winds for Schools program, which was designed to bring wind-power technology to educational institutions as learning aids.  The program helped host schools attain the proper teacher training and hands-on curricula to help bring wind power education into the classroom. The curriculum involves interactive and cooperative wind-related research tasks.

Adopting renewable energy sources and technology can be highly beneficial to schools and educational institutions. Not only can these technologies help inspire learning and education; they can reduce an institution’s reliance on traditional energy sources. Dozens of educational institutions across the nation are utilizing the federal program to help erect turbines as a way of making sustainable energy practices more accessible and visible to their community. By 2013 more than 130 wind turbine systems had been installed across eleven states, dozens of which were in Virginia and the surrounding area. For three years Virginia Beach has been utilizing four 60-foot tall turbines to help power a rural school bus repair yard, as an example of how harnessing wind energy can help reduce the costs of powering rural areas.  While these projects are often small, they are intended to help generate student interest in the growing fields of engineering, science, math and technology. They provide local and practical opportunities to study and observe the technology in action.

When adopting any new technology into an educational setting, it is important for educators to assess and risks involved with their new procedures. Today’s schools are faced with an increasing number of lawsuits based on an ever evolving array of issues. A broad spectrum of educators insurance coverage is essential to help defend educational entities, educators and volunteers. At Professional Government Underwriters, our School Board Liability programs are tailored specifically to fit the needs of public, parochial and nonprofit private school entities including colleges, universities and vocational training schools. For more information about or offerings contact us today.