Helpful Products for K-9 Handlers

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Helpful Products for K-9 Handlers

K-9 Handler

Though you may not work directly with a K-9 team to ensure the safety of the public, as an insurance agent, you are tasked with ensuring the safety of your clients’ finances through appropriate insurance coverage. When working with members of law enforcement who are a part of the K-9 team, you can be a valuable resource. From discussing the right limits and inclusions for liability coverage to talking about products that can help with the daily canine handling, there are plenty of ways you can be an asset to your clients.

Become a Product Guru

Budget concerns are often a stressor for K-9 handlers. Many of your clients will have assumed the responsibility of purchasing the right equipment to help make their services more efficient and successful. Even if you aren’t familiar with the unique aspects of their duties, you can share this list of highly recommended handling products to help with their challenges.

1. Quality Hand Protection

K-9 handlers may spend long hours out on tracking assignments, detection deployment, or longline searching. The constant wear of the handling leash can cause blistering and burns if the skin is not protected. Recommended a high-quality pair of gloves to minimize their discomfort and prevent injury.

2. Personal Light Sources

Many of the calls a K-9 team receives come in the middle of the night. It can be difficult to hold onto a flashlight as well as the canine leash while brushing back tree limbs or bushes. Suggest purchasing a mountable headlamp in order to free up the hands to work with the dog or to clear the terrain. One option is to buy a weapon light and have it mounted to a ballistic helmet. Always recommend that a K-9 officer has a secondary light source in the event the battery dies on the primary.

3. Reward Toys

The relationship between an officer and the canine partner is special, and careful attention to cultivating this relationship can make your client more efficient when out on duty. Make sure your clients know to purchase reward toys that will create a high work drive in their partner. Different toys can be used in different performance situations to keep the canine from getting bored.

4. Well-Stocked Dump Pouch

Ensure your clients are prepared for anything on the job by recommending a stocked tactical rollup dump pouch. It can contain a first aid kit, treats for both officer and partner, water, flashlight, extra leashes, and dog booties. Safety and health are important for both members of the K-9 team, and a fully stocked pouch can carry the items needed to take care of tough situations without jeopardizing a patrol.

Prioritize Risk Management

Working with K-9 officers to minimize their risks while on the job is beneficial to their health and their financial situation. Risk assessment and management can help lower the cost of insurance premiums, ensuring there are funds available for much-needed handling products.

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