How Parents Can Prep Their Children for Active Shooters

Parents must be vigilant, know how to prep their children for active shooters, and understand the signs to watch for. The possibility of a school shooting is every parent’s worst nightmare. The terror and tragedy of these attacks are beyond comprehension, yet it’s all too common. According to statistics, over 2,000 school shootings have been in the U.S since 1970. Although parents cannot ensure the prevention of such an event, they can take steps to prepare their children for the possibility.

Prepare for Active Shooters: How They Can Prepare

Familiarizing kids with basic safety skills and survival tactics may equip them with the knowledge that could save their life.

Teach Them What To Do

Parents can prepare kids for an active shooter by teaching them what steps to take if a shooting occurs. Kids should be familiar with the essential mantra — run, hide, and fight. If a shooter emerges, kids should first try to run and evacuate the area. They should then hide where no one can spot them easily. Finally, kids should understand how to fight against a shooter to the best of their ability if there is no way to evacuate or hide.

Encourage Them To Speak Up

Often, a school shooter will tell somebody about their plans before enacting them. They may confide in a friend or family member or post about their intentions on social media. Parents must remind their kids that if they see something, they must say something. If their friend mentions that they have a gun, parents should encourage kids to inform an adult. Speaking up could save lives regarding the possibility of thwarting active shooters.

Review the School’s Protocol

Kids should also understand their school’s policies regarding safety and active shooters. Different schools have different protocols, and it’s essential that parents and kids alike understand theirs. For example, the school may have a designated safety spot where students should evacuate if an active shooting occurs. Schools may also have emergency alert systems to facilitate the rapid communication of an active shooter threat. Parents should get all this information and review it with their kids to ensure they have adequately prepared. 

Advocate for Change and Safety

Despite the ever-present threat of an active shooter, some schools remain poorly prepared for the possibility — but parents can advocate changing that. Parents can campaign for safety by ensuring that their child’s school has an active shooter plan in place. They can also lobby for legislation and other political action to address the underlying causes of school shootings. Parents should also find out whether a school has active shooter liability coverage. Active assailant insurance can minimize some of the liabilities that schools and families face due to a shooting.

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