Improving Administration in Charter Schools

Charter schools across the United States are increasingly playing a vital position in improving student learning outcomes. Even in the most challenging educational environments, student outcomes are achievable at the individual level at charter schools.

Successful charter schools don’t achieve growth, success, or development on their own. An essential part of this rests in having quality leadership that is willing to guide students, administration, and teachers toward growth. However, the truth of the matter is that many charters across the U.S. don’t have a plan in place to enable them to enhance or optimize their administrative systems.

Here are some thoughts on improving administration in charter schools to achieve long-lasting success in both learning and leadership.

Focus on Creating and Strengthening Leadership

Charter schools need to focus on creating and strengthening leadership from top to bottom. Although implementing these steps may be costly, especially with the impact of COVID-19 on the financial future and structure of charter schools, they can still consider prioritizing specific core roles among the administration.

Empowering instructors to become influential leaders effectively boosts leadership capacity in a charter’s administration structure. For leaders like principals, sharing responsibilities with the team can free up more time for more teacher coaching, especially for those who need it.

Improve Teaching and Learning Flow Model

Charter schools need to also consider implementing support systems that ensure teachers are observed, coached, and mentored regularly. This helps to improve the teaching and learning model continually. Schools should want to have a streamlined and effective feedback process that provides them with more actionable feedback on instruction. Teachers are the front line in the school system, so ensuring that they get the support they need to produce more quality results is s vital.

Empower Leaders with the Right Resources

It’s crucial to empower leaders with the resources they need, including the time to lead. It’s common for schools to have a thinly stretched charter school administration and too many underperforming students. Instead, charter schools can opt for a leadership structure that sets them up for success. Administrators should have the time and authority they need to lead a team of teachers effectively.

Have a Shared Mission

An important part of building a robust administrative structure for a charter school is creating a great team and finding reliable ways to work toward common goals together, share knowledge, and solve problems as a team. Effective charter school leadership focuses on providing inspiration to the entire teaching team, building a shared commitment and capacity to encourage better performance, and creating opportunities for leaders to come together for their students’ enrichment in the classroom.

By having one vision or mission in mind, charters can easily build a lasting culture of accountability, where every team member feels responsible for the outcomes of all students’ advancement. Developing a successful administrative structure for charters is not a simple task. However, with the right steps and focus, they can create a path toward success that drives growth and development across the school system.

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