Law Enforcement Liability: The Role of K9 Units

Law Enforcement Liability: The Role of K9 Units

Some of the hardest working members of a police force don’t get paid. These are the canine, or K9, members. All K9s are trained to the highest level of obedience. They are expected to follow both verbal and nonverbal commands of their handler. However, there presence does raise the need for law enforcement liability insurance.

The duties and responsibilities of a police K9 goes beyond assisting police in the apprehension of suspects. K9s are trained to protect their handlers, fellow officers, and the public from harm, but another very important reason law enforcement officials employ K9s is for their noses.

Dogs have always been known for their keen sense of smell. Here are just a few ways that helps them in the law enforcement field:

Locating: K9s are primarily trained to locate evidence and people using their superior senses. German Shepherds, the most common police K9 breed, have scent receptors that are over 200% stronger than that of their human counterparts. Because of this, K9s save valuable time and resources for their unit.

Drug and Weapon Detection: K9s can sniff out anything from illegal drugs to spent shell casings from firearms. Locating a spent shell can determine the point of firearm discharge, helping law enforcement tremendously in criminal investigations.

Tracking: K9s are trained to track human scent, which is used traditionally to track people evading the police, but also lost or missing individuals.

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