8 Ways Your Clients Can Keep Students Focused During the Holidays

Your clients have a busy month before the holiday break and need to keep students focused in the classroom. The holidays are drawing near, and keeping students focused over the holiday season can be challenging.

Keep Students Focused With These 8 Tips

Teachers can keep their classes under control with the right educators liability & employment practices liability insurance and the following eight effective strategies.

Choose an Educators Liability & Employment Practices Liability Policy

Helping your clients find the right insurance policy is an enriching task. Remind your educational clients that displaying great focus can help their students do the same during the holidays. 

Maintain A Cohesive Class Structure

Teachers can also maintain a focused environment by keeping class structured as it usually would be. The holidays are certainly an exciting time, and it’s natural for students to feel distracted. Allowing the structure of the classroom to relax will only exacerbate their distractions, though.

Let Kids Move and Stay Active

It may seem counterintuitive to encourage kids to move around to combat distraction. Research suggests that in-class exercises and movement can help students focus more effectively. Releasing excess energy and indulging impulses can allow kids to overcome common distractions.

Plan a Group Project for the Holidays

Teachers want to encourage their students to continue learning over the winter break, and a group project is a great way to do so. Thus, another good idea would be to make the project holiday-themed to capture students’ attention and get them invested. Students can work together to research the history and origin of different holidays. Likewise, teachers can adjust the difficulty rate to suit the students’ age group and skill level.

Continue Teaching Consistently

The holidays may lead to some students expecting a break from school before the break officially begins. Rather than give into pleas for a movie day or free time, though, teachers should continue teaching consistently.

Allow Students To Enjoy Downtime

Although teachers shouldn’t stop teaching simply because the holidays are approaching, the holiday season is a great time to allow some extra downtime for students. At this point in the school year, most students can work independently or collaborate in small groups. Allowing them to do so will give them a break from lessons.

Invest in Rest and Relaxation

The most important way that teachers can keep kids focused is to lead by example. The holidays are stressful, and it’s easy to let rest fall by the wayside. Teachers must make time to relax and recharge during this season.

Review Your Educators Liability & Employment Practices Liability Coverage

Suppose you’re wondering how educators can maintain students’ attention leading to holiday breaks. In that case, there is no one-size-fits-all answer — and there’s no one-size-fits-all educators liability & employment practices liability policy, either. Insurers must tailor individual policies to clients to account for every educator’s unique exposures.

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