Security for Public Officials and Their Family

Public officials need security as things continue to tense up in this country, with political affiliations growing on both ends. Many political leaders and public officials are finding themselves under physical attacks as well as verbal attacks. Unfortunately, not just those who fill the office that comes under attack. While public officials liability & employment practices liability deals with some of the risks these individuals face, security measures also need to be in place for the politician and their loved ones.

Why Public Officials Should Consider Security for Themselves and Their Loved Ones

You would only have to scan recent news headlines to see incidents involving aggression or harm toward public officials at all levels. While the major networks cover the incidents at the federal level concerning state senators or essential party leaders, anyone who holds public office faces threats of violence or harm from those they encounter. It’s not always about political viewpoints, either. Public officials and their family members could have perceived monetary value. Likewise, someone may hold them hostage or blackmail them for financial gain. Security isn’t just a luxury for these families. It is a necessity.

How Public Officials Can Protect Themselves

Many things can negatively impact a public official. It can cover physical harm from a bodily attack, verbal attacks of slander, or even cyberattacks on their network or finances. Additionally, those who work for a public official can also cause inadvertent harm, whether it’s a volunteer who causes property damage or a paid employee making a mistake on paperwork. Part of a comprehensive protection plan is the purchase of public officials liability & employment practices liability insurance.

This insurance addresses the complexities of their office and actions, though it tailors to the specific needs of the public official. It considers errors and omissions by the officials and their employees or potential volunteers under their organization. However, it doesn’t cover bodily damage or property damage.

Physical Safety

In addition to protecting themselves from the liabilities associated with their duties, elected officials also need to consider the physical safety of themselves and their loved ones. In some cases, hiring private security may be necessary if there is an increased risk of bodily harm from received threats, the geographic region where they live, or contentious issues surrounding their activities. At the very least, there should be some security system installed in or around their home to ensure their protection while at home. These individuals should have a complete security or risk analysis to determine which areas present an imminent threat.

Public officials can protect their reputation and financial stability with public officials liability & employment practices liability coverage. However, they need to extend their strategy to include physical protection.

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