Educators Liability Insurance: Technology & Teaching Part I

Educators Liability Insurance: Technology & Teaching Part I

This two-part series will examine the use of technology in the classroom, including uses, pros and cons. We encourage readers to join in the discussion.

Computers, tablets and technology have opened up new opportunities for educators in the classroom. And, considering that most businesses cannot function without technology today, it is essential that children develop computer literacy skills. But what are the downsides to technology? Is it worth it?

Here are some of the disadvantages of technology in the classroom (Note: next week we’ll switch gears to discuss the pros of technology)

Loss of communication skills. With increased computer literacy, many argue that the use of technology inhibits communication skills and interactive abilities between students and teachers and peer-to-peer interaction. In addition to learning, conflict resolution and socialization are two reasons while children come to school, abilities which some argue are hindered by technology. It’s the same idea with texting and smartphones. With many more children now having access to email, texting and social media profiles at young ages, does it inhibit traditional face-to-face interpersonal communication?

Education gap. Despite the benefits, some children in lower socioeconomic areas may not have the opportunities to use computers and other technology due to a lack of funds and resources. A child may live at home without a computer, or a school district may only have a limited number of computers available. This automatically puts children at a disadvantage, especially when it comes to develop computer literacy skills that undoubtedly will be a central employment skill later on.

What are some other disadvantages of using technology in the classroom? If you are a teacher or education professional, do you see the benefits as outweighing the negatives? We’d love to hear from you.

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