Educators Liability Insurance: Technology & Teaching Part II

Educators Liability Insurance: Technology & Teaching Part II

This two-part series will examine the use of technology in the classroom, including uses, pros and cons. We encourage readers to join in the discussion.

Last week, we discussed the use of technology in the classroom. For the sake of discussion, we focused on the cons of technology in the classroom, namely a loss of interpersonal communication skills and the potential education gap that technology can create.

This week to round out the debate we’ll take a look at the positive. What are the benefits of using technology in the classroom?

Accessing information. The amount of information that is now available to students through technology is astounding. Not only is it easier to research and gather information, but students and teachers now have much more access to real time data. Current events, statistics and facts can be incorporated into lessons to make them more relevant and interesting to students.

Communication. One of the cons we discussed last week was how technology could hurt students’ interpersonal communication skills, including conflict resolution. However, the flipside of the debate is technology tools open up communication barriers and students are able to communicate across the globe through email, chat rooms and discussion boards.

Computer literacy. Computer and technology skills are in growing demand in the workforce. By developing these skills early through technology use in the classroom, not only are students learning material in a new and diverse way, but they are also directly developing skills that can help make them employable later on in life.

What are some other benefits of using technology in the classroom? Do the benefits outweigh the cons? How can it be managed to ensure children reap the benefits of tech learning in the classroom? We’d love to hear from you.

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