New Louisiana Crime Prevention Legislature on the Table

On Thursday, March 13th, the House Committee on Municipal, Cultural and Parochial Affairs in Louisiana’s East Baton Rouge Parish unanimously approves three pieces of crime prevention legislation. This legislation will create and alter crime prevention districts in Tara, Villa del Rey, and Sherwood Forest. This approval is the first step to making these three proposals into law.

This legislation would create resident-funded crime prevention districts in Tara and Villa del Rey; and improve the preexisting crime prevention district in Sherwood Forest. Sherwood Forest’s current crime prevention district, which was launched in January 2015, has landowners paying $75/year.

What is a crime prevention district?

Crime prevention districts authorize local government to collect $50 to $500 per parcel of land. The money collected is put towards police patrol, security, and maintenance. The creation of these districts is an effort to prevent crime and keep crime rates low.

If these particular pieces of legislation are passed, then Tara landowners will pay $100/year and Villa del Rey landowners will pay $250/year.

Lets us know what you think about resident-funded crime prevention districts. Good idea or bad idea?

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