Push for Police Body-Cams Reemerges After SC Shooting

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April 17, 2015
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Push for Police Body-Cams Reemerges After SC Shooting

Push for Police Body-Cams Reemerges After SC ShootingEarly this month, a North Charleston, South Carolina police officer was charged with shooting and killing a reportedly unarmed man, during what started out as a routine traffic stop, after video of the events surfaced. The incident is another in a long line of recent confrontations between law enforcement officers and unarmed civilians. Video from both the officer’s dashboard camera and bystander cell phone proved pivotal in the determining the events of the case and ultimately lead to the murder charge the officer now faces.

The events also rekindled a passionate national discussion about the use of body cameras by police officers.  White House officials utilized the opportunity to call for much wider adoption of such technology by municipal law enforcement. The North Charleston mayor has already pledged to ensure that every uniformed officer on patrol in the city will receive a body camera. According to reports, the city had already ordered 101 cameras prior to the incident and expects to order some 150 more in the aftermath of the shooting.

As we have mentioned before, police body-cams serve a number of functions for law enforcement officials including helping to reduce liability exposures and providing greater transparency of officer activity. This technology allows law enforcement officials to hold all professionals accountable for their actions, including professional errors or misconduct. In instances of wrongdoing, claimants can bring charges directly against an individual or against their police department as a whole.  Having the right police professional liability coverage can help you protect yourself should a lawsuit be filed against you.

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