Police Professional Liability

March 27, 2024
police liability insurance

How Civil Rights Act Updates Impact Police Liability

The Civil Rights Act seeks to ensure the protection of individuals’ rights and freedoms. Recent updates and amendments to this act have significant implications for law […]
January 30, 2024
police liability insurance

Beyond the Badge: Assessing Vicarious Liability in Police Departments for Off-Duty Actions

Police officers work to keep the peace and protect citizens during their work hours. However, when they encounter dangerous scenarios off-duty, they may still feel the […]
December 13, 2023
police liability insurance

Mending Fences: Rebuilding Police Reputation in the Community

Relations between police departments and the communities they serve have become strained in recent years. High-profile incidents of police misconduct have fueled public distrust, sparking protests […]
November 8, 2023
police liability insurance

What Is Considered Police Officer Negligence?

In the pursuit of justice and public safety, law enforcement officers must adhere to strict protocols and guidelines. However, instances of negligence can arise, leading to […]