Educational Articles

June 26, 2023

How to Prepare for an Active Shooter at Summer Camp

When your clients are trying to provide a fun and safe experience at a summer camp for children, preparing for an active shooter is likely a […]
June 19, 2023

How Police Officers Can Stay Safe in the Summer Heat

When police officers are outside all day in the heat, they can face some unique dangers and health problems. Understanding the duties of a police professional […]
June 12, 2023

How Public Officials Could Avoid Failing Their Constituents

Government policies may seem removed from daily life, but they significantly impact commercial and personal interests. For example, cutbacks in building regulations can lead to more […]
June 5, 2023

How Educators can Make Summer School More Fun for Students

Being an insurance agent for educators can be interesting, primarily when they work in summer school. It can provide a stressful atmosphere for teachers as they attempt to […]