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November 20, 2023
active shooter insurance

School Violence: A Lesson on Deadly Weapon Insurance

Americans have become accustomed to the availability of insurance products for everything from homes and cars to medical care and even pets. However, one of the […]
November 15, 2023
police liability insurance

Why K9 Handlers Need Police Liability Insurance

Law enforcement agencies face unique challenges across the board, but specialized roles such as K9 handlers have additional risk exposures. Understanding the risks faced by K9 […]
November 8, 2023
police liability insurance

What Is Considered Police Officer Negligence?

In the pursuit of justice and public safety, law enforcement officers must adhere to strict protocols and guidelines. However, instances of negligence can arise, leading to […]
November 1, 2023
public officials liability insurance

Mitigating Wrongful Termination Risks for Public Officials

For public officials, the risks of employment liability are significant. The potential consequences of these cases reach beyond financial repercussions. Wrongful termination claims can lead to […]